Environmental Policy

Describes the specific actions the company takes to manage its environmental impact including details about the environmental management system, which outlines the processes, procedures, and responsible parties for mitigating their environmental footprint. 

Social Policies

A set of guidelines that a company establishes to address its impact on society and its stakeholders. These policies outline the company’s commitment to ethical practices, social responsibility, and the well-being of people within and beyond the organization.

Governance Policies

Corporate governance policies are a set of rules, practices, and processes that define how a company is directed and controlled. They act as a roadmap for ethical and transparent decision-making, ensuring accountability and protecting the interests of all stakeholders.

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How We Help Companies by Drafting ESG Policies

At Askel we provide you an end to end service tailored to the requirements of your business. Starting from providing any required ESG policies-related advisory to assisting you in collecting information for the policies using our customized questionnaires to providing a complete policy draft based on industry standards.

what makes our offerings unique

  • In Built Advisory: We are available to guide you through every step of the process at no extra cost.
  • Customized Solutions: We actively work with you to find out the best solutions that suits the requirements of your business. 
  • Tailored Data Collection Tools: We provide you data gathering questionnaires and surveys prepared specific to your business and industry helping you save time and effort on your end. 

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What is Included?

guidance and advisory

Guidance and advisory throughout the entire process.

Drafting policies

Policy draft based on contemporary industry standards.


Gain an in-depth understanding of ESG policies with our comprehensive guide tailored for businesses that are aiming to enhance their sustainability practices.

Gain insights into the importance of having an environmental policy for businesses. Learn why they are essential and the benefits they offer in driving sustainability.   

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