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We are a corporate sustainability agency providing solutions to businesses of all sizes and across sectors. Located in Tallinn, Estonia we are the country’s first GRI member organization. At its core, we are a team of two sustainability specialists with various other experts participating on a project basis. Our team holds certification from GRI, in GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) standard.

Our Mission

We believe knowledge of self to be the first step to meaningful change. For organizations incorporating sustainability in their operations, this self-knowledge goes hand in hand with transparency, accountability, and compliance. We, as sustainability professionals, play our part in this change by providing businesses with multiple services built around sustainability reporting and emissions accounting as well and reporting.


Tallinn, Estonia

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Our Team

Anna Koskela


Legal specialist in business law and anti-money laundering policies and compliance with practical experience in environmental and human rights law.

GRI certified, GHG Protocol Corporate Standard 

Saumya Tyagi

Co-founder, Partner

Research and design specialist with a working and educational  background in business management (finance), journalism, 
graphic design.

GHG Protocol Corporate Standard


Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We provide industry with insights into their resource use-efficiency as well as into their amount of CO2 emissions per unit of value-added and help them discover opportunities for adopting clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes. Our services make it easier for small-scale industrial and other enterprises to access affordable credit and to be integrated into larger industrial operators’ value-chains by setting up measuring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) systems for the purpose of transparently sharing data on their green efforts.

Responsible consumption and production

We enable companies to quantify their environmental impacts, by assessing their material footprints, and by conducting sustainability and emissions reporting. Awareness of their environmental impacts enables companies to find more responsible means of production, thus also indirectly encouraging more responsible consumption. Our convenient sustainability reporting service enables companies of all sizes to outsource their sustainability reporting efforts, thus providing the company with an opportunity to focus on its main operations and implement its sustainability strategy. The ease of sustainability reporting and emissions calculation that we offer increases the number of reporting companies over time, as companies can get the reporting done as a service, without the need to hire a separate team of professionals for the purpose of conducting reporting as a project. 

Climate action

We provide an emissions calculation service, which directly enables businesses of all sizes to take action in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to greenhouse gas calculation, we provide companies with sustainability and emissions advisory in order for them to have an insight into the many possibilities they have for future-proofing their business model for climate change and taking action in order to contribute to limiting their impacts on climate change as a company.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

The G in ESG stands for governance. Our whistleblowing channel solution for companies, as well as our sustainability reporting service, enables companies to take systematic action to ensure transparency in order to reduce cases of corruption and bribery in all their forms. When there are adequate systems in place to monitor risks and actual cases of bribery and corruption, and the company has an opportunity to tackle governance-related misconduct already at an early phase, the number of cases of misconduct will be substantially reduced.

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