Life cycle assessment


Cradle to Gate

Analyzing the environmental impact of a product or service from the acquisition of raw materials, through the production process to where the product leaves the factory gate for distribution. This approach is useful for analyzing the environmental footprint of a specific manufacturing process.

Gate to Gate

It starts at a specific point within the production process and ends at another designated point within the production process. This approach is helpful for comparing the environmental impact of different production facilities or stages within a complex manufacturing process.

Life Cycle Assessment

Cradle to Grave

The most comprehensive scope, encompassing the entire life cycle of a product. It starts with the extraction of raw materials, includes all stages of production and transportation, considers the product’s use phase, and ends with its final disposal or recycling. 

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How We Help Companies With Life Cycle Assessment

At Askel we provide you an end to end service tailored to the requirements of your business. Starting from providing any required life cycle assessment (LCA)-related advisory to assisting you in collecting relevant data through customized questionnaires to conducting the LCA study and providing you the results in the form of a report.

what makes our offerings unique

  • In Built Advisory: We are available to guide you through every step of the process at no extra cost.
  • Customized Solutions: We actively work with you to find out the best solutions that suits the requirements of your business. 
  • Tailored Data Collection Tools: We provide you data gathering questionnaires and surveys prepared specific to your business and industry helping you save time and effort on your end. 

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What is Included?

Data Collection

Assisting you in collecting information using our tailored questionnaires.

guidance and advisory

Guidance and advisory throughout the entire process.

LCA study

LCA analysis based on the collected data of the specific product or service.

lca Report

Comprehensive LCA study report including results and methodology.


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