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Sustainability Report for RePack Original Oy

For the purposes of this report, we provided a complete end-to-end service. This included:

  • Briefing the client about the process
  • Gathering all relevant information for sustainability disclosures through questionnaires
  • Organizing, curating, and adding content
  • Representing data through easy-to-comprehend infographics
  • Overall document design 


Watch our testimonial interview with Jonne Hellgren, CEO of circular packaging service company, RePack, where he talks about the drivers behind publishing Repack’s first sustainability report with the help of Askel Sustainability Solutions and added insights into the working experience and process itself. 


Interested in finding out about the process behind drafting a sustainability report using our services? In this case study, we explain in detail the various aspects of the reporting process from data collection to analysis to final compilation and design, all in context of real world execution resulting in the form a final sustainability report for Original RePack Oy, a Finland-based circular packaging service company.

A Report on Sustainability Reporting in Finland-2022

We conducted a survey-based study into sustainability reporting in Finland, by talking to companies that are already disclosing their ESG information via sustainability reports. You can find the results of the study shared here in the form of a report exploring the key drivers, benefits, and challenges, alongside other prominent elements of the reporting process, as experienced by reporting organizations. 


This article provides an overview of the aims, process, and methodology behind the report, details about the companies that participated in the survey-based study that resulted in the report, some of the key findings as well as what the future holds for the practice of sustainability reporting.


Insights is our in-house yearly magazine publication wherein we publish in-depth articles about the year’s most pertinent corporate sustainability issues and developments.

In this, our first issue of the magazine, we talk about:

  • Sustainability Reporting: Standards and reporting
  • Circular Economy: Introduction and business models
  • The EU Green Deal: It’s significance for Industries


Askel had a great way of understanding what we need. Everything related to data collection was prepared well in advance so it was easy for us to know what kind of data is needed. Also, the communication was professional and done in a nice manner.

Jonne Hellgren

CEO, RePack

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