We are a corporate sustainability agency providing comprehensive solutions for sustainability and SDG reporting and GHG emissions calculation and reporting.

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What We Do

Comprehensive services for Corporate Sustainability/ESG Reporting based on GRI standards and non-financial disclosures for integrated reporting.

End-to-end services for Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) reporting to showcase the alignment of your business’ sustainability goals with global benchmarks.

Copy of Carbon Footprint 101 Measure Your Business' GHG Emissions (10)

Emissions calculation services for businesses. Accounting for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, based on GHG Protocol standards alongside corporate carbon emissions reporting services.

Featured Work

Sustainability Report for Original RePack Oy

Interested in finding out about the process behind drafting a sustainability report using our services? In this case study, we explain in detail the various aspects of the reporting process from data collection to analysis to final compilation and design, all in context of real world execution resulting in the form a final sustainability report for Original RePack Oy, a Finland-based circular packaging service company.


Askel had a great way of understanding what we need. Everything related to data collection was prepared well in advance so it was easy for us to know what kind of data is needed. Also, the communication was professional and done in a nice manner.

Jonne Hellgren

CEO, RePack


It is easy to get mired in a maze of acronyms that surround the term corporate sustainability reporting. In this article, we unpack for you what sustainability reporting is and the standards and guidelines available, in accordance with which such reporting is done.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of sustainability reporting. It will cover the basics of sustainability reporting, its key components, challenges and best practices, as well as how to get started with sustainability reporting.

This article provides an insight into the key steps that are fundamental to emissions calculation for any business regardless of size or industry and is meant to give a broad overview of the process and what it involves.

In this interview for the series Talking Sustainability, we speak with Diana Paakspuu, the CEO of Estonian re-use center, Uuskasutuskeskus, on how an NGO with reuse at its core has evolved into one of the best-known sustainability brands in Estonia.

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